Ada Consultants

Jenn in her home office. She is wearing blue glasses, black lipstick, silver lockpick earrings, and a black scarf.

Jenn Czeck

Jenn Czeck co-founded Ada Consultants with her friend, Lindsie, to make the web a more accessible place.

Jenn became fascinated with computers in the early 1990s. After a brief stint as a pharmaceutical chemist, Jenn returned to her calling as a developer. She has worked for companies ranging from small startups to large international corporations but never lost her passion for making everything accessible.

Jenn is easily spotted at conferences and Meetups through her bold lipstick and vast collection of code shirts, skirts, leggings, and dresses.

Lindsie Verma

Lindsie Verma co-founded Ada Consultants with her friend, Jenn, because of a deep personal belief in making the world accessible to everyone.

After moving to the Silicon Valley, Lindsie spent 6 years at a nonprofit organization that makes digital books for people with print disabilities. This experience, coupled with her own personal encounters with discrimination and inaccessibility, set her on a mission to break down barriers for people with disabilities.

When not breaking down barriers with Ada, she is on the board of directors at the Center for Independence of Individuals with Disabilities in San Mateo County, California. She is also a volunteer member of both the California Secretary of State's Voting Accessibility Advisory Committee and the San Mateo County Voting Accessibility Advisory Committee.

Lindsie enjoys spending time with her husband and 2 dogs, travel, reading, rock music, and British TV.

Lindsie outside. She is wearing black glasses and smiling.


Our services include:

Designer drawing wireframes.

Content & Accessibility audits

You cannot improve your site effectively if you do not know your current status. Stop churning and schedule an audit today!

Close up of PHP code on a monitor.

Custom development

From small fixes to entire rewrites, content management systems to hand crafted code in JavaScript, PHP, or Ruby, we do it all.

              profile of a person talking while seated at a table. There is a
              laptop, notebook, and phone on the table in front of them.

Custom training

Contact us for the accessibility training your team needs. We specialize in "Accessibility 101" for any audience.


Jenn and Lindsie in front of the NERSC supercomputer Cori. Jenn is standing in front of lime green computer rack doors. She is wearing a purple t-shirt and jeans. Lindsie is sitting in her scooter. Lindsie is wearing black slacks and blue cardigan.

We are super with computers.

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